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Comfort Cooks Catering

The perfect solution

for any occasion

Whether you’re planning a festive dinner party or simply looking to transform your weekly menu, Comfort Cooks is ready to cook for you.

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Meet Comfort

From savory entreés to velvety desserts, Comfort Morris has a gift for creating delectable dishes for her growing clientele. She was raised in West Africa, Ghana, by way of Monrovia, Liberia, but now resides in the DFW area of Texas. Mrs. Morris started cooking at an early age. She inherited her knack for culinary arts from her mother, who subsequently passed away, but is often remembered for her outstanding cuisines.


Though Comfort acquired a bachelor’s in Human Resources, her love for seeing friends and family smile as they’re enjoying her foods, motivated her to launch Comfort Cooks catering services. As a certified chef, she hones her skills by practicing and creating new recipes and has established various methods of cooking. Each recipe is prepared with love. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or a foodie with an appetite for exotic flavors, Comfort Morris has an array of dishes to satisfy your palate.


For your next occasion, allow Comfort Cooks to provide you with courses that are sure to leave a smile on everyone’s face! As her given name suggests, the food she provides fulfills her clients with a sense of well-being and comfort that brings people together.


Tel: 469-876-9151



Personal Chef

Take the stress out of feeding your family, yourself and your spouse.




Wow your guests and hosts alike with our divinely arranged Charcuterie Boards.

Date Night


Make Date Night special with our delicious PrivateChef Menu.

Ok, we need to reorder. And honestly, we have been so into your meals. We would like to just get on a constant schedule of Sunday deliveries. We are in love with your mashed potatoes and chicken. We might need to bump up the meals to 15 instead of ten. We have been pulling pieces out and adding to Maddi’s school lunch and her dinners.


We are so happy we found you. As you understand, building a new business is all-consuming. Really nice to know the best dinner we can eat is in the fridge ready to go. We ordered out way too often! So we are on track to save money by using your meals. Thank you!


You are really good at what you do! Thank you for putting your all into it! The quality of food and flavors makes us so excited! Hope that wasn’t too much! Have a good night!



Wow your guests at your next dinner party or event!

Offering Half Trays & Full Trays


Stew Chicken or Oxtail

Rasta Pasta

Curry Goat or Chicken

Jollof Rice

Rosemary Garlic Lamb Chops


This food is AMAZING! 

Please start your food truck!

Ashton, DFW

The Turkey Bowl was fantastic!

It was very flavorful, and left me wanting more!

Emily, DFW

Natural Ingredients

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or a foodie with an appetite for exotic flavors, Comfort Morris has an array of dishes to satisfy your palate.

Illustrations Vegetables

Let me start cooking for you

To order or to ask questions, please contact me!

Thank you for contacting me! I will be in touch asap!



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